T2M Rush 17.5T Brushless Motor – 2200kV


The 17.5T Rush motor from T2M.
Approved for the Fun category of the Belgium 2019 1/10 TC electro championship.
To be used in several categories of the Tamiya Cup in Belgium.

Kit also contains a sensor cable.
Works perfectly with the Tamiya TBLE02S speed controller.
540-style motor
3.175mm Pinion axle
CNC T6 aluminum machined housing
Windings made of high conductivity copper
Fixed timing
Neodymium magnet
Sensor socket, sensor cable included
For Sensored or Sensorless ESCs
“High Power” cable connections

KV : 2200
Power : 130w
Input power : 1-3S
Timing : 34 degrees
Weight : 178g
Number of windings : 17,5T

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